Scan. Restore. Print!


Bring us your torn, faded and wornimages and take home a treasure. We’ll scan it to the resolution you need andgive your photo the treatment it deserves. Don’t let time take its toll anylonger!

  • You’ll get your restored images back on a CD. If you don’t have a CD drive, no worries, bring us a USB,purchase one of ours or include an email address for digital delivery.
  • For family portraits, think about making a Canvas Gallery Wrap for your wall.
  • We also recover digital media,like corrupt flash memory drives.
gather box


The Gather Box ℠ is the ultimate solution to your photo scanning needs. It’s easy; buy the box, fill the box,bring us the box – and in a few weeks come back and pick up all of your digitized prints! Our basic version just includes basic scans, the Gather Box Gold includes 600 DPI scans, a proof book for easy reference in addition to the included CD.

  • We recommend taking time to sort and organize first. Throw away duplicates, bad exposures, etc. so your organizing is done prior to digitization.
  • Absolutely make extra copies of your CD/DVD. Give these to other family members in the event your lose yours.
  • We do small batch of scans,too. The Gather Box ℠ holds up to (and a little more) than 1,000 prints so it’s good for bigger projects.
  • We also scan directly from album pages. It’s not part of this service, but it’s something we can-do!


From anything from single images to be restored or enlarged to batches of slides, negatives or other formats that need conversion, we do it all!

  • Scan to USB, CD, email or fileshare
  • For family portraits, think about making a Canvas Gallery Wrap for your wall.
  • Digital media recovery charged by size of media, restored files delivered on USB
film & print scans