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Digitize your negatives and film

Film Scans

For every type of film or need, we have a scanning solution.  Whether it is economy for digitizing large collections of film, or quality for reproducing a large photographic print, or odd and unusual formats, we can do it.  If you aren’t sure what you need, ask; we’re here to help!

  • Bulk film scanning of 35mm or 120 strips, APS cartridges and 35mm slides
  • Custom film scans good for any format and any output resolution
  • Pre-load a slide carousel and save!
  • Custom scanning available for your old format negatives from 110, 120, 126 and disc film.
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film scans

film scans options

35mm Film Scans
120mm Film Scans
Slide Carousel Scans
finished reproduction

Bulk film scans of 35mm or 120 film strips, APS cartridges and 35mm slides can all be scanned on our lab scanner yielding a 2048.3072 at 72 ppi 18MB scan. Price is per strip, and includes scans saved to a CD.  Good for sharing digitally or printing up to 11x14.

Custom film scans on our flatbed film scanner include color adjustments, dust and scratch removal, and precise cropping.  Good for any film format.  Price based on desired resolution of scan per frame.  Great if you are in need of a high resolution scan so you can print large.

Slide Scans. Pre-load an 80 count slide carousel and save!  Buy the box, you load ‘em, we scan ‘em!  Price includes scanning, CD and sleeving slides into archival print files. To get the special price, carousel must be loaded properly for scanning, see insert in box for details.  

Custom scanning old film types. We are able to scan your old format film types from 110, 120, 126, disk film and more. These are priced starting at $7 per frame. Please take the time to look though your negatives and select the best ones to scan. We are happy to assist with your selections.

Once you have your negatives digitized you can share them digitally or get prints.  Special pricing for scans straight to prints (no digital copy).  Pricing is for film that has already been developed.  

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Film scanning prices

Bulk Film Scanning

Regular Scan
Hi-Res Scan
APS or Uncut 35mm rolls or 120 rolls

Custom Film Scanning

Film Scan
Clean Scan
up to 5 MB
6 to 10 MB
11 to 25 MB
26 to 50 MB
51 to 100 MB
101 to 200 MB
201 to 300 MB
301+ MB

Slide Carousel Box

up to 80 mounted slides
3600x2400 26MB .jpg