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Tape & Film Transfers

It’s no secret that magnetic media deteriorates with time.  And, many of us don’t have the devices to play our old VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV or even audio cassettes anymore.  Whatever format you have we can transfer your media and stop the fade today!

  • We can transfer almost any format including 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm films as well as VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV, audio cassettes, DAT, LP and more!
  • Your preference, we can give you back playable media on CD/DVD or an editable .MP3/.MP4 file, or both!
  • Custom packaging and duplication are easy ways to make a finished project ready to share.
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Tape and film transfer

Tape and film transfer

Film Reels
VHS Cassette
Foreign Video formats
Audio Transfer

Reel film is transferred in real time to an .MP4 or .mov file, transferred to customer provided USB or Mike’s Camera USB.  DVD and Blu-Ray are extra, and will hold up to 2 hours of transfer time per disc.  Custom chaptering and title cards can be added to any project for a one-time set up fee of $30.  Custom chapter points include a spot on the menu screen that points to a defined place in the video when the find button is pressed.  Title cards are static screens with text.  

Video tapes (VHS) are transferred in real time 1 tape to 1 DVD. Add on our combine service and put up to two hours of footage per disc.  Files can be encoded to editable files and put on a USB for an additional fee. Copyright release is need for copyright material.

Foreign video formats can be converted to NTSC (PAL, SECAM) or vice-versa.  Cost of transfer is $20 per tape.

Audio formats that can be transferred include cassette, LP, DAT, reel to reel, mini-cassette and micro-cassette. Audio is transferred to CD, but can be encoded as well.  Audio LPs can be transferred to CD as an archival service only.  No duplication can be made.

Tape and film transfer prices

Video transfer service
Price 1st hour
Each addt'l hour
$35 1st hr
$15 ea
DVD (309)
$15 /hr
$15 minimum
ENCODE (457)
$20 per tape + transfer
CONV (413)
Combine Tapes
$30 1st 2 hrs
+ $5 ea /addt’l hr
EDIT (392)
Tape Repair
$10 per tape
REPAIR (407)