About Mike’s School
Mike’s Camera offers a variety of educational programs led by our own certified photo and video consultants, expert manufacturer technical reps and acclaimed professionals, including but not limited to the following:
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Fundamentals classes
  • Field leader talks
  • Field Trips
  • Lunch & Learns
  • In-depth seminars
  • Multi-part photo excursion workshops
  • Software instruction
The way we capture, preserve and share meaningful stories has dramatically changed since our doors first opened in 1967, and we’ve been along for every moment of the ride. Nobody else locally has the collective expertise as Mike’s Camera; we’re committed to sharing our knowledge to help you realize your vision!
Learning Path
While we do not impose prerequisites for most of our programs we do have a recommended learning path for those just entering this exciting craft.

If you’re new to photography we suggest planning your core studies in the following order:
  1. Photography 101- Introductory
  2. Manufacturer-specific Interchangeable Lens Camera
  3. Personal Consultation
  4. Photography 201- Advanced
Core Classes
At this time we have moved all of our classes to a virtual platform. Classes are offered weekly and can all be attended by signing up online. We save most of the recordings for the classes for one week after the class so that you can review the material again.  They run approximately 1 hours in length with 30 minutes of Q&A at the end.

As classes tend to present general overviews on a given source of subject matter, please be aware that not every function specific to your particular camera may be included as a defining element of the class. We do highly encourage you to bring along your camera and any photos you've taken that you'd like to get feedback on from your instructor.

Offered throughout the year on a variety of topics and disciplines, our seminars are typically presented by an all-star lineup of world-class industry influencers and expert instructors. These events tend to be conducted in an auditorium style setting and are typically held off-site at a variety of venues across the markets we’re located in.

Workshops differentiate themselves from classes in the sense that they tend to be intensely focused on one particular aspect of the picture-taking experience (ex: macro, wildlife, portrait photography, etc.), and are typically held in three-parts. Classroom instruction, a photo outing with guided instruction and a final gallery opening and critique.

As a workshop participant, it is necessary to bring along your camera or computer as well as any photos you've taken that you'd like to have critiqued in terms of both composition and technical execution.

The cost of each particular workshop varies in line with its curriculum. We strive to make them a great value, and when a particular workshop includes a non-profit organization, such as Hawk Quest, we give half of the proceeds back to their cause. Unfortunately the value of your free classes cannot be applied towards our workshop offerings.

Photo Walks
Photo Walks are a specific type of workshop with a hands-on photo shoot component. Limited to small groups, instructors provide personalized instruction during a guided walking tour at a specific location. Instructors will provide tips and answer questions on individual shooting preferences and camera settings to achieve desired outcomes.

Some examples include downtown urban locations where the group moves throughout the workshop (walking up to 1.5 miles) to focus on different photographic subjects. Participants should wear comfortable shoes and clothing, dress appropriately for changing weather conditions, and bring a camera, tripod, extra battery and memory card. Depending on the location, subject, and instructor, the photo walks vary in length and number of times they meet.

Each offering will have a link to register online, through Eventbrite or ClickMeeting.

Through all our educational programs, we look forward to doing all we can to help you enjoy the experience and thrill of visual capture- what we believe to be the world’s greatest hobby to its absolute fullest extent.

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