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Bring your favorite images back to life!

Restorations & Retouching

Memories are priceless, and what is a photograph but a frozen moment in time? Children grow up, and loved ones are lost. But with our photo restoration services, those moments live on. Bring us your stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached and faded images and see how easy it is to bring them back to life!

You’ll get your restored images back on a CD. If you don’t have a CD drive, no worries, bring us a USB flash drive or purchase one of ours or include an email address for digital delivery.

For family portraits, think about making a Canvas Gallery Wrap for your wall or a custom metal print.

  • Available in-store only – Pricing is quoted per job
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Restorations & retouching

Restorations & retouching options

Light Retouch
Medium Retouch
Heavy Retouch
Add or Replace

Light Retouch: This category includes light damage limited to non-detail areas, and removal of minimal spots or stains in a small section of the photograph.

Medium Retouch: Removal of spots and scratches affecting but not obliterating subject will be repaired. Also includes minimal stains throughout the entire photo.

Medium Heavy Retouch: Restorations falling between the medium and heavy categories include repair of all photo damage and enhancement of colors. Tears in photo affecting but not through important facial features will be repaired.

Heavy Retouch: Heavily stained, spotted, or scratched photos. Repair extensive damage to entire photograph, including detailed areas such as faces. This category also includes any photo with intricate or multiple patterns.

Add or Replace: Combine images to make one family photo, or remove unwanted guests from a group picture. Remove photobombers or strangers in the background!

Change Background: Some photos are almost perfect, but ruined by distractions or clutter in the image. Just choose a background and we will replace the background of your photograph!

Colorization: We can revitalize black and white or discolored photographs. Bring your photo to us for an expert consultation. Some photos are subject to restoration or retouch work prior to coloring.

Oil Painting Treatment - Transform your favorite picture into your favorite painting with our Oil painting treatment. This will make your photo look like a painted work of art

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Restorations & image recovery pricing

Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Medium Heavy
$80 per Hour