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The Gather Box is the ultimate solution to your photo scanning needs.

The Gather Box

The Gather Box is the ultimate tool for organizing and archiving large quantities of loose photographs economically. It’s easy; buy the box, fill the box, bring us the box – and in a few weeks come back and pick up all of your digitized prints!  The Gather box is 12x9x4" and hold approximately 1500 4x6 prints.

You can order your Gather Box Online and we will ship you the box. Once you have the box filled return it to the store with the copy of your invoice and we will get your prints scanned for you.

  • We recommend taking time to sort and organize first. Throw away duplicates, bad exposures, etc. so your organizing is done prior to digitization.
  • Consider making extra copies of your CD/DVD to give to family members as a backup in the event you lose yours.
  • You can order your Gather Box online and we will ship it straight to your door step!  Once you fill the box simply return it to any of our stores with a copy of your invoice and we will get your prints scanned.
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The gather box

The gather box options

Basic Gather Box
Gold Gather Box
Up to 1500 Images
Archive for the future

Pick the box that best fits your needs.  Our Gather Box Blue price includes scanning to a DVD at 300DPI.

Our Gather Box Gold includes Hi-Res scanning to a USB Flash Drive at 600DPI.

Inside, find instructions and tips to guide you through the sorting and gathering process.  Once the box is full, drop it off at one of our stores.  If you have prints that won’t fit in the box, bring them along so we can address those items separately.

Return to find that everything in your box has been magically transformed into digital format. Now you can relax in confidence knowing those precious relics from the past are now protected and easily accessible.

Additional Services(needs to be added to pricing table)

Collate Images .5 per image

Groups of images in folders $4.00 per folder

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Gather Box
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