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It’s no secret that magnetic media deteriorates with time. And, many of us don’t have the devices to play our old VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV or even audio cassettes any more. Whatever format you have we can transfer your media and stop the fade today!

  • We can transfer almost any format, including 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm films as well as VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8,Digital 8, MiniDV, audio cassette, DAT, LP and more!
  • Your preference, we can give you back playable media on CD/DVD or an editable .MP3 / .MP4 file, or both!
  • Custom packaging and duplications are easy ways to make a finished project ready to share.
tape and film transfers
slideshows & editing


If you’ve got footage, we’ve got a solution. We can combine stills and video, do one-on-one editing or work from your instructions to make memorial slideshows, custom presentations, YouTube and social media clips and more!

  • Scanning and transfer from analog sources available
  • Custom chapter points, title slides and menus available for a finished package
  • High definition and BluRay output available for the big screen


If you’ve got a new album release, a show coming up we can do your small and large run of CD printing and packaging.Or, if you’ve got an instructional video on DVD or software installation disc we can do everything from printing the discs, inserts and making them ready for sale.

  • Black on silver or full color thermal disc printing
  • CD digipacks, jewel cases and slip cases with full wrap printing and UV coating
  • Single and multiple disk cases with shrink wrapping available
  • Inserts, booklets and other printed materials to include
duplication, replication & packaging