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Dive deeper into your photographic journey in this second-level photography class.

Designed for photographers who have taken Photography 101 or who have sufficient understanding of basic aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

In Photography 201, take your basic understanding of exposure to new heights with more practical tips and techniques, such as balancing exposure values and using the histogram to create fantastic images. You’ll even get a basic look at light and how to shape it, to give you even more control over your photography. Photography is a learned skill, and the next step on your photographic journey starts with Photography 201.

We recommended this class be taken after Photography 101, but it is not limited to those who have taken the prior class.

Topics Include:

  • Exposure Values
  • Histogram
  • Raw and JPG files
  • White Balance
  • Natural and Artificial Light

Take your photography knowledge to new levels and jump into Photography 201!

Tuition: $29.00

About Your Instructor:

Winn Robbins is an editorial portrait photographer based in Boulder, CO. With ten years of experience in wedding, photojournalism, and portrait photography, he offers unique insights on the ins and outs of the photographic industry. He also specializes in monochromatic and art photography, bringing an artistic technique to many of his classes and challenging attendees to think outside the box as they create images of their own. For more information on Winn and to see his work and follow his blog, visit

Online Event

Thursday, July 30, 2020: 6:30pm-8:30pm Mountain Time

(5:30pm-7:30pm Pacific)

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Thursday, September 3, 2020: 6:30pm-8:30pm Mountain Time

(5:30pm-7:30pm Pacific)

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This class will feature an hour-long presentation followed by 30-60 minutes of Q&A.

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