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Metal Prints

Stacked Metal

Metal Clusters, Splits and Murals



6 inch Stacked Metal Square

(6x6 floated on an 8x8)



8 inch Stacked Metal Square

(8x8 floated on an 10x10)



10 inch Stacked Metal Square

(10x10 floated on an 12x12)



4 inch Stacked Metal

(4x6 floated on an 5x7)



5 inch Stacked Metal

(5x7 floated on an 8x10)



8 inch Stacked Metal

(8x10 floated on an 11x14)



Standard Service 2 days

Choose from our premade designs or add your own! Stacked metal is layering or floating one or more main image(s) on top of a background, either a pattern, a substrate such as a plain sheet of aluminum, steel or acrylic, or on top of another photo. It can work really well to simply desaturate (remove color and contrast) from the background image.


Float mounted stacked metal

3 5x7 panels on one 12x22 brushed aluminum backdrop


Stacked metal makes for great home décor as well as office decoration, awards, thank you and recognition plaques.


We have several prefab templates for easy ordering but we can make anything. Come into our store and we’ll come up with something original.


We can cut metal to any size, so the possibilities really are limitless.


Stacked metal wall art is made at our Boulder and Sacramento central production facilities, usually within 2 days of ordering. Stop by any of our Colorado and Northern California stores to see samples of metal prints and get an idea of what we can do!






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Corporate Office | 2500 Pearl Street | Boulder, CO 80302 | Phone: (303) 443-1715 | service@mikescamera.com