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Color Negative Film

Every one of our ten stores processes C41 color film everyday, seven days a week.  We develop most film sizes and types including 35mm, APS, medium format, large format, the list goes on!  We can quickly develop, scan and makes a set of prints for you.  Trust your images to the local experts, and come visit one our film shooting workshops coming soon to your area!

  • Color chemistry controlled and maintained daily
  • 35mm, APS, 120 & 220 formats processed on site
  • Push processing available
  • Your one-stop shop for purchasing, developing and printing film!
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Color negative film

Color negative film options

Color negative film
Scan to CD, USB or Email
35mm Color Negative Film
120 Color Negative Film

Choose from develop only, or add on scans and prints.  

Scans can be low or high resolution and delivered on a CD, USB or emailed.  Add on 4x6 prints and choose from glossy or matte finish, index print included.  

We charge a flat rate for services based on the number of exposures. Either 24 or 36 exposures are standard for 35mm.

Standard scans yield a 1024x2048 1MB file, good for 4x6 prints or sharing digitally. Hi-res scans yield a 2000x3000 2-4MB file good for prints up to 11x14.  

Prices below are for 35mm, APS, and 120 color negative film developing with scanning and printing at time of development.

Smile Club Members save 35% or get a second set of prints free.

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Color negative film prices

C41 Color Negative Developing
Club Price
35mm Develop Only
35mm Dev & Scan
35mm Dev & HiRes Scan
35mm Dev & Print 24 Exposure
35mm Dev & Print 36 Exposure
35mm Dev, Scan, & Print 24 Exposure
35mm Dev, Scan, & Print 36 Exposure
35mm Dev, Hi-Res Scan & Print 24 Exposure
35mm Dev, Hi-Res Scan & Print 36 Exposure