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Canvas gallery wraps, simple, elegant and ready to hang.

Canvas Prints

Authentic,classic canvas is a great way to show and display your family portraits, candid shots and landscapes. The texture of canvas can hide resolution artifacts,making it a great way to print from your phone! Add an oil painting or watercolor effect for a unique work of art from your photos. Available in virtually any size from 8x10 up to 40x60” Panoramic sizes also available.

  • Choice of 1/2”, 1” and 2” real wood stretcher bars
  • Edge treatments such as solid colors, image wraps and mirror wraps
  • Lightweight, classic textured look that’s ready to hang without a frame or any special hardware
  • Fits well in contemporary & rustic interiors, both in the home and business
  • Available on Premium Satin or Metallic Canvas
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Canvas prints

Canvas print options

Image Wrap
Mirrored Wrap
Colored Edge
Stretcher Bar Sizes

Image wraps: These are made by stretching the outside of your image around the bars. This is a great option for Landscapes allowing the image to continue into the distance. Keep in mind that if your subject matter is right next to the edge of your image it will be included in the wrap.

Mirror wraps: These are a great solution if you don’t want to crop your image but still want the image to wrap. This is accomplished by copying and flipping the outside portion of your image and adding it back to your original image to accommodate for the portion being stretched.

Colored Edge wraps: These are done by adding any color you choose for the edge wrap. Select a color that compliments the colors in your artwork to add to the stretch. This is another great option if you do not want to crop your image.

Stretcher Bars: All of our Canvas prints are stretched on real wood stretcher bars. Using a real wood bar allows for a tighter stretch so that your artwork will look perfect from the day that it is created. We offer 3 stretcher bar sizes to choose from. ½” bars are usually used if your canvas is going into a frame. ½” bars are not recommended for standalone or large canvases.

Optional Proofing Service: $20
We advise using our Proofing Service when color matching is critical in matching prints or other output to artwork, color swatches or other originals.Our proofing service provides for up to three 8x10 inch proof prints on the material your final print is to be printed.  Upon inspection and signed client approval we then proceed to making the final print to your specified size and finish.

In order to ensure that we achieve optimum results in all our printing and output materials whether on paper, canvas or other substrates, we use the latest Color Management tools available to calibrate our monitors, printers and other output devices we utilize in our imaging labs.  The use of color management is a good business practice for photographic labs to comply with and serves as a comprehensive tool for implementing and maintaining ICC (International Color Consortium) profile specification. ICC profiles are widely used for maintaining color fidelity across multi-media imaging devices and software.

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Canvas print pricing

Canvas Only
Canvas 1/2" Bars
Canvas 1" Bars
Canvas on 2" Bars
8 x 10
8.5 x 11
8 x 12
11 x 14
12 x 18
16 x 20
16 x 24
20 x 24
20 x 30
24 x 30
24 x 36
30 x 40
40 x 60
36x9 - panoramic
36x12 - panoramic
48x12 - panoramic
60x20 - panoramic
72x20 - panoramic
72x24 - panoramic