Photo booth rentals

Strike a Pose

A photo booth isn't just something cool to have at a party, it's what STARTS the party!! Just imagine how much fun your family, friends, guests and colleagues will have hamming it up! We'll capture all the shenanigans, hilarious poses and crazy faces in front of the booth. Your guests will love it!

planning your event

Our event photography team will collaborate with you on all the creative details so your photo booth experience is customized for your event! It is easy to set up and take down at any indoor location. One power outlet and wifi access are essential to the operation of the booth.

Booth set up and tear down do not count towards your hourly package. We are happy to work out any special needs like early set up or idle times to ensure there are no disruptions.

photo booth
photo booth

After The Event

You won't miss a shot! The host will receive a disc with all of the images generated at the event. Get creative! Don't let the images just sit on a disc. We'll help you design a collage, photo book or produce a slideshow with all the fun shots!

Our booth can share directly to your friends or clients emails, cell phone numbers and Instagram accounts! It can shoot simple still images, you can add a custom frame, choose various templates and even short shoot moving videos that repeat!

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