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Metal Prints

Stacked Metal

Metal Clusters, Splits and Murals


The Stairstepper

One 12x18, 2 11x14, 3 6x6s



Classic Triptych

Three 12x18 inch panels



5 Panel Star

1 12x12 and 4 6x6s



Standard Service 2 days

6 Panel Stairstepper

5 Panel Star

Classic Triptych

With all of our Metal Clusters and Splits you will save at least 10% over buying the panels individually. The Classic Triptych is a split that features one image across three 12x18 panels. Five Panel Star makes great use of square formats while the Stairstepper can be flexibly configured for challenging spaces. All would look great for above the couch, an alcove or bedroom wall.


Chromaluxe metal wall art of your images are created locally at our Boulder lab as well as at our Sacramento location and distributed to our stores and to your home from there. Orders can be fulfilled in under 48 hours.


For more information call one of our Custom Creations departments: 


For Colorado:(303) 443-1715 ext.167 or email.


For California: (916) 444-8376 or email.    



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Corporate Office | 2500 Pearl Street | Boulder, CO 80302 | Phone: (303) 443-1715 | service@mikescamera.com