Limited warranty terms

Mike's Camera, Inc., provides precision maintenance and service to photographic, video and audiovisual equipment, and warrants that workmanship shall be free from defects for one (1) year, and parts guaranteed for thirty (30) days. Only parts and labor used in the original service are warranted. Video decks, recorders, camcorders and digital equipment repair service shall be free from defects for ninety (90) days, and their parts guaranteed for thirty (30) days. This limited warranty covers the services performed only, and does not cover losses or damages occurred as a result of abuse, mishandling, neglect or failure to follow operating instructions. Leaking batteries, sand damage, moisture, water or other liquid spills void the existing warranty. Service by any person other than an authorized Mike's Camera, Inc., technician, tampering, or modifications made to equipment also cancels warranty. Other agents that would void this warranty include, but are not limited to, shipping and handling damages, accidents, exposure to extreme temperatures, improper electrical power, or acts of God. Equipment and products that are used under commercial applications including, but not limited to, hotels, schools, hospitals, rental firms, military operations, and any other governmental or industrial application are covered under a thirty day (30-day) parts and labor warranty. Equipment that has serial numbers removed, altered, defaced, or rendered illegible is not covered by the Mike's Camera, Inc., limited warranty. Mike's Camera, Inc., shall not be held liable for any loss of film, video tape, image, projection bulbs, or for expenses, inconveniences, or any other consequential damage caused by the failure of any equipment repaired. Our sole obligation is repair of the equipment. Should repair of the equipment under warranty prove uneconomical, or parts no longer be available, Mike's Camera, Inc., will refund the original repair costs. This warranty is valid within the United States of America only. To obtain service under this warranty, please return the equipment freight prepaid and insured to Mike's Camera, Inc., along with receipt of the original repair. Mike's Camera, Inc., will pay the return freight charges back to you via ground carrier within the continental United States. Any air freight or expedited carrier shipping request will be billed accordingly.