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Keep your business secure with surveilance technology. Choose from indoor or outdoor ready cameras that will produce high quality images challenging lighting conditions like low light or highly variable lighting. We’ll help you find the right solution to keep your facility safe.


Benefit from the expertise of our Account Managers who will walk you through the buying process. We offer discounts to corporate, government and educational clients. Contact us directly at one of the links below to find the best pricing available for you and your company.




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Brian Rabin

Account Manager

Office Phone: (303) 443-1707 ext. 130

Cell Phone: (303) 725-2072

Fax: (303) 443-1612

Email: Brabin@mikescamera.com


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Corporate Office | 2500 Pearl Street | Boulder, CO 80302 | Phone: (303) 443-1715 | service@mikescamera.com