1. How do I send film to Mike’s Camera?

Just print out our business reply mail form for free shipping to us, fill out the order form and submit it, and attach the BRM form to your envelope with film and drop in the mail!

2. How do I pay?

When we receive your order we will call you for payment before developing. We’ll verify club membership and allthe options with you on the phone. Payment is done with a credit card.

3. What’s the Smile Club?

The Smile Club is our annual membership program, which gets you savings on everything from printing, to framing and more. Details can be found here: 

For film developing, members save 25% on everything, and get FREE return shipping! Annual membership is $24.99 for first time, $19.99 for renewal, and free with purchase of a camera, or active military ID.

Students, we want you to get the benefits of the club as well. Show your valid student ID and save 50% on your Smile club membership.

4.What kinds of film do you develop?

We develop everything, but on the order form you will find the most popular combinations; C-41 color negative film in 35 mm and 120 formats, B&W film and E6 slides. We can, however, develop unusual formats, for those give us a call or stop in the store!

5. What are the differencesin scan resolution?

Our scan resolutions are based on the original Kodak Picture CD format, 4 base and 16 base. 4 base is good for viewing on a monitor printing as a 4x6. 16 base is good for printing from an 8x10 to 12x18, depending on the image.

6. Why do I want to keep my negatives?

We ALWAYS recommend you pick up your negatives or have them shipped back to you. Even a 16 base scan is only so good;you may have an image that you someday want to print bigger. Also, digital files get lost and deleted easily, while a hard copy negative will last 100 years or more if kept carefully.

7. Why prepaid developing? What if my film is blank?

A fair bit of our developing now is developed, scanned and emailed, and never picked up. Regardless of the service there is a cost to us to developing film, even unexposed film. What we will do if your film is blank, or you have no printable images, is give you a voucher back for free developing of the same value. So say you pay for develop and print 24 exposure color negative film, you’ll get a voucher for the same value to use again.