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Stacked Metal

Metal Clusters, Splits and Murals


4x6 inch Metal Print



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8x10 inch Metal Print



8x12 inch Metal Print



11x14 inch Metal Print



12x12 inch Metal Print



12x18 inch Metal Print



16x20 inch Metal Print



16x24 inch Metal Print



20x20 inch Metal Print



20x24 inch Metal Print



20x30 inch Metal Print



24x30 inch Metal Print



24x36 inch Metal Print



30x40 inch Metal Print



Standard Service 2 days
12x18 and smaller


7-10 days
16x20 and larger


Metal prints are one of the most versatile ways you can print. From simple desktop photos, to big wall displays, to custom cut sizes and different applications such as metal signs, nametags, magnets and more.



Easel Back

Shadow Mount

Metal prints are sublimated directly onto 17 gauge (.045” thick) aluminum with a special coating. The panels come in glossy, matte and clear silver. Glossy works for every application and is true photographic quality, with the added luminosity of capturing room light on the shiny surface. Matte is an excellent choice for all photographic subjects as well and does not reflect like glossy does. Clear silver lacks any white; where there would be white in the photo, you see instead the natural brushed aluminum texture. This works well for certain applications and is very unique. Not recommended for traditional portrait work, but excellent for light paintings, two-tone designs, signage and more.


Our small sizes (4”x6” through 8”x10”) can have either an easel for standing on a desk or a shadow mount for wall hanging. Up to 12”x18” sizes include a shadow mount, and bigger than 12”x 18” comes with a frame and beehive hanging system that takes all the flex and bend out of the larger panels so they sit flat.


Corners are rounded to 1/8th radius by default, but can be rounded deeper to ¼ inch or left straight.


Metal prints up to 12x18 inches can be finished within 2 days at our Boulder and Sacramento production labs. Larger panels will take a week to ten days to complete.




For more information call one of our Custom Creations departments:


For Colorado: (303) 443-1715 ext.167 or email.


For California: (916)444-8376 or email.





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