Wildlife photography


Join this exciting and unique event - capture photos of wild mustangs, both in their natural environment and as they interact with a trainer. This event is a very hands-on workshop with small group attendees.

Course includes a two-hour lecture, a special session photographing at the Great Escape Sanctuary in Deer Trail Colorado, a cookout, and critique & in-store gallery showing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Composition as it pertains to horse photography & long focal lengths
  • Exposure and focusing for action sequences
  • Animal portraiture techniques
  • Working with unpredictable subjects


$299.00 plus Eventbrite online processing fee

(You are welcome to pay in Store to avoid paying the Eventbrite fee)

Tuition includes evening lecture, hands-on photography session, follow up critique / gallery showing, a beautifully matted 12 x 18 inch print that is yours to keep, and dinner and snacks the day of the workshop. $100 of the tuition will be donated to the Great Escape Sanctuary.

Due to the uniqueness of this event it is limited to only 12 total participants.

More Info

The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary provides training, adoption, and education about mustangs and burros, while offering a sanctuary for those in need. They foster a connection with children and adults through community outreach, tours, field trips, overnight retreat programs, therapeutic programs, and clinics in order to increase public awareness and education.

Evening Lecture:

Our lecture will cover techniques for making great up-close and at-distance action photographs; as well we’ll go over how the shoot day will proceed. We will also cover working with unpredictable and erratic subjects, wildlife and portrait techniques.

Photographing Session:

This session will be something truly special! We will start with a look at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary and their work. Then we'll begin our shoot with an up-close view of staff training the mustangs.

From there we move on to photographing a horse galloping through a course. Come early evening we'll drive out to an open pasture where the mustangs regularly congregate and we'll photograph them against the setting sun as our backdrop.

There will be approximately 2 miles of walking and hiking.

A delicious barbeque wraps up the evening. Snacks & refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Critique & Gallery Showing:

For our final session we’ll meet back up at Mike’s Camera in Park Meadows to wrap up the workshop with a fun and rewarding critique or your photographs.

As a group we will review images from the Saturday shoot and share techniques that really worked, and those that were not as useful. You’ll be astonished by the immense variety of images that will have been captured and spend some time giving and receiving positive and informative feedback.

You’ll see your favorite image enlarged to 12 x 18 inches in our mini in-store gallery too!

What to bring

Lenses: Wide angle, telephoto / zoom 300mm or more

During the lecture we’ll cover other items you should have with you at the sanctuary.

Make a weekend getaway out of it!

The Mustang Sanctuary is providing a unique opportunity for our participants that would like to spend the night in a cabin on their property. This exclusive invitation includes breakfast and the opportunity to photograph the horses in the morning. The cost for the cabin is $200 per person- limited space available.
Call them to make your reservation: 303-621-7752

Registration, Dates, Times & Locations

Seminar: Thursday October 10, 2019 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Mike's Camera, Park Meadows

Workshop: Saturday October 12,2019 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Great Escape Sanctuary in Deer Trail Colorado

Gallery and Critique: Thursday October 17, 2019 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Mike's Camera, Park Meadows

Register for October

Customer Testimonials:

This is a great and unique opportunity to both interact with and photograph mustang horses.  Both wild and rehabbed horses can be photographed.  Joe and Scott from Mike's Camera do a great job of facilitating the experience and providing instruction for those who need help.  This one is a must for anyone interested in wild horses.  Thank you to Mike's Camera and Great Escape Wild Mustang Sanctuary for the opportunity!

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