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Glass Class: The World of Wide Angle Lenses

In the photography world, wide angle lenses open a door to expansive views and immersive angles that can draw your attention with their dramatic lines and depth throughout the image. These beautiful and dynamic qualities make for impressive capabilities, but also introduce a dramatic learning curve for a photographer. Regular approaches to composition and certain exposure choices can often become very tricky and require a more creative eye.

Wide angle lenses, although they can be more difficult to use, often times offer corresponding gains in image output. They also are key tools in certain kinds of photography, such as architecture, concert, and certain kinds of landscape photography. Learning the skillset required to master these awesome pieces of glass can not only benefit your images, but also can increase your photographic eye and creative sense. The wider the lens is, the more dramatic the angle can be.

In this new addition to our Glass Class series, learn about all the different types of wide angles and their uses, as well as unique tips to bring the most out of your wide angle lens.

Topics Include:

  • Angle of View
  • Aperture and focus distance
  • Infinity Focus
  • Distortion and optical aberrations
  • Wide angle composition

Tuition: $29.00

About your instructor

Winn Robbins is a professional editorial and portrait photographer based in Colorado. He has been shooting for 10 years, beginning in weddings and family portraits, and transitioning to editorial styled work after several years. He has a background in typography and editorial design, as well as art history. He is a passionate educator, who strives to bring each student to greater knowledge of their craft as well as increase their artistic sensitivity. You can find him most days behind the camera counter at the Boulder store.