Glass Class: The Precision of Telephoto Lenses

Within the universe of camera lenses, the long telephoto glass has always held a special place in photographer’s hearts and minds. They are known for their sharpness and optical quality, their blazing speed, and their physical size, which tends to make them impressive items regardless of whether the the viewer is a photographer or not. The question is, how does one use these magnificent lenses?

In this new online class from Mikes Camera, you will learn not only what makes these lenses special, but also key skills to use telephoto lenses in your own photography. For example, landscape photography is often considered to be the wide angle lens’s domain. However, a telephoto can often be your most useful tool for creating alternative, dramatic compositions. Perhaps you are a street shooter and have used 50mm and 35mm lenses as your primary glass. Using telephoto focal lengths like 135mm or 200mm can add an incredible new perspective to your street photography. Learn all these techniques and more in our third Glass Class: The Precision of Telephoto Lenses.

Topics Include:

  • Telephoto Lens Design
  • Zoom vs Prime
  • Light Transmission Benefits
  • Long Compression Composition
  • Compressed Portraits
  • Compressed Landscapes
  • Compressed Street Photography

Tuition: $29.00

About your instructor

Winn Robbins is a professional editorial and portrait photographer based in Colorado. He has been shooting for 10 years, beginning in weddings and family portraits, and transitioning to editorial styled work after several years. In his spare time, he travels around Colorado looking for new wild animals to photograph. During the winter, you can often find him haunting the shores of Colorado’s many lakes and reservoirs in search of Bald Eagles. He is a passionate educator, who strives to bring each student to greater knowledge of their craft as well as increase their artistic sensitivity. You can find him most days behind the camera counter at the Boulder store.

Online Event

Thursday, July 16, 2020

6:30PM - 8:30PM (Mountain Time)

5:30PM 0 7:30PM (Pacific Time)

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