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The Majestic Grand Teton National Park 4 Night Astrophotography Workshop

Rising 7,000 feet above the valley, the jagged peaks of the Teton Range are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the west providing a beautiful backdrop to the park. The dark skies provide exceptional opportunities for Milky Way photography because of very little light pollution and clear, cold mountain air.

Join us in August 2021 for four nights of in-depth instruction and guidance that will teach you how to find your way around in the dark to find the best composition, what exposures to use for night photography and how to focus in the dark. We will teach you how to find your way around in the dark, find the best composition using PhotoPills, what exposures to use for night photography, and how to focus in the dark.

We’ll photograph a few of the more popular landmarks but we’ll also go to lesser known locations.

Some of the more popular locations include:

-Jackson Lake

-String Lake

-Oxbow Bend

-Jenny Lake

-Along The Snake River

-Pacific Creek

-Schwabacher's Landing

-Willow Flats

Grand Teton National park has numerous lakes that are exceptional for reflecting and illuminating the night sky!

Each night our shooting will begin at sunset and continue for several hours of astrophotography to be able to maximize our time in the park. There will also be an optional opportunity for sunrise shooting on two of our mornings.

There is no place like the Tetons for photographing the night sky!

Required Equipment and Accessories :

-DSLR or mirrorless camera with "native" non-extended ISO range to at least 12,800 and shutter speeds to at least 30 secs

-Wide angle lens with a aperture of f/2.8 or larger and a full frame equivalent of 14 - 24 mm

-A sturdy tripod (long exposures require it to be very stable)

-Shutter release cord (best option), intervalometer, or wireless remote

-Extra batteries

-Headlamp with a RED filter

-Small flashlight

NOTE: If you need to purchase or rent any of the required equipment - please, feel free to contact Craig at 520-732-1440 to help you get set up.

Recommended Items:

Warm clothes (as the night gets later it does get cooler)

Gloves and hat

Hiking Boots

Snacks and beverages

Bug Spray

Camping chair or any portable seat. We do a lot of standing.

What You Will Learn:

We only teach in our workshops single exposure wide-field astrophotography, which can be best described as landscape photography in the dark, with an emphasis on capturing brilliant Milky Way images using wide-angle lenses. Over the years a variety of techniques have been developed but our shooting time will be focused on getting the most out of your equipment with just a single exposure. This is a great place for the beginner astrophotographer to start their journey or the intermediate photographer to hone their skills before moving on to the more advanced techniques.

-The best times to photograph the Milky Way

-How to find the best dark sky location

-Best equipment to use

-How to focus in the dark

-How to set exposure and ISO

-Rule of 400 / 500 / 600

-Identifying other lights in the night sky

-Post processing images using Lightroom Classic CC

Photo Pills Class:

One afternoon we will teach you all about the PhotoPills App. Work smarter, not harder using one of the most powerful tools a photographer can keep in their pocket. We will teach you how to easily calculate the exact time and date to capture the Milky Way, sunsets, moonrises, star points or star trails to create the scene you have imagined.  ( *Please have this app downloaded on your phone and review before the beginning of the workshop.* )

What You’ll Need For Processing Class:

Digital processing is a crucial step in astrophotography for creating striking images.

-Laptop computer

-Notebook paper and pen for keeping notes.

-You will be given a 4 page "cheat sheet" on the things we covered for you to take home.

-Make sure you have the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC loaded. If you don’t already own Lightroom Classic CC - you can download a free 7 day trial here.

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More Details:

Participants: Limit 6

Experience Level: This is designed for the beginner to intermediate photographer as defined below:

Beginner I : Someone having a strong knowledge and firm understanding of their camera with "little to no" experience in astrophotography.

Beginner II : Someone having a strong knowledge and firm understanding of their camera and have "tried" their hand at astrophotography.

Intermediate : Someone having a strong knowledge and firm understanding of their camera with "some" experience in astrophotography.

Endurance Level: Moderate - All age levels are welcomed.

Light hiking in is involved, but nothing too strenuous. We’ll drive to each location then hike to the best position.

Workshop I Dates: August 4, 2021 to August 7, 2021 *Departure on August 8th.

Workshop II Dates: August 8, 2021 to August 11, 2021 *Departure on August 12th.

Lodging: Our home base for this workshop is Antler Inn located in Jackson, Wyoming where we have reserved a block of rooms at a reduced rate. To reserve your room, call 307-733-2535 and tell them you are with the Mike's Camera Workshop in August of 2021. You are free to stay anywhere in the area.

What is Included?

The cost of the workshop DOES include:

-Photo instruction by Craig Wennersten at multiple locations

-PhotoPills class and in field instruction

-Photo editing classroom instruction using Lightroom Classic CC

-Transportation during the workshop in a 12-passenger van

-Welcome reception on our first night

-Dinner in Jackson on our second night

-Park entrance fees and permits

This workshop DOES NOT include:

-Transportation to / from the workshop

-Flights or car rentals



Price: $ 2,395.00

Deposit: $499.00

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About Your Instructor: Craig Wennersten (Image 10 Photographic)

Image 10 Photographic began in 1988 with a passion for landscape photography and a desire to experience God's creation and capture God’s handiwork.

My first experiences with photography began in high school in journalism class as a yearbook photographer and also for the local newspaper in my home town, Holland, Michigan. It was at this time I began my extensive journey and education in manual cameras, black and white film and printing in the darkroom. During this time I built a strong foundation and learned the true “art of photography”.

In the 90’s – completely self-taught – I worked at refining my photographic techniques using my trusty Nikon SLR and transparency film before finally moving over to the “digital world” in 2012.

Now, I enjoy all the creative doors digital photography has opened and all it’s post-processing challenges – similar to that of my early years in the darkroom but now using computers and software.

Seasoned professional business owner, photographer and instructor who is passionate about all things photographable. I am a dark sky defender and member of the International Dark Sky Association. The night sky is disappearing worldwide at an alarming pace. As a dark sky defender I am dedicated to advocating for its conservation and protection. The brilliance of the Milky Way isn’t the only reason to protect dark skies.  What else is at risk ?

While specializing in capturing all things looking up, my photography is a collaboration of astrophotography, cityscapes, abstracts and landscapes. I am a global traveller and have taught, led and organized numerous photography workshops, clinics and classes throughout the US .

Photography has always been a way for me to slow down my life, a way to stop and reflect on what is important. A time to refuel, refresh and recharge – I am grateful for it in my life.

Time is a precious commodity for all of us with busy lives, so whenever you can immerse yourself in God’s country, engage with your surroundings under the majesty of the galactic grandeur of the Milky Way and enjoy the “recharge” that outdoor photography can provide – I highly recommend it.

Hope To See You There! ~ Keep Looking Up!

Please feel free to contact Craig at 520-732-1440 if you have any questions or need any help with your gear or equipment requirements.

Cancellation Policy:
> 90 days prior:  Fully refundable.

< 90 Days Prior: Deposit Nonrefundable.

< 60 days prior: 1/2 of Tuition refundable as credit, after nonrefundable deposit.

< 30 days prior: No credit or refund.

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