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If you’ve developed your skills in photography and have considered starting a photo business and charging for your work, our business building class is the logical next step in moving your photography business to the next level.


Take this course if you have developed your skills in photography, have considered starting a photo business and charging for your work. You may already be photographing for friends, family or businesses who are thrilled with your images, and you’d like your business to be official.

The Doors will open at 6pm and the class starts at 6.30pm, this will give some time for mix and mingle prior to the class beginning.

What You’ll Learn

  • What to consider and assemble before starting any business
  • Five essentials for starting a photography business
  • What you’ll expect to find on a photography business checklist
  • Where to find free resources that can help you maneuver your checklist
  • The answers to your burning questions

$79, plus Eventbrite online processing fee

You are welcome to pay in store to avoid the Eventbrite fee.

More Details

There is so much to know and learn when starting your own business; it can be daunting. This class is designed to get you on your way, break down the complexities into digestible nuggets and get you feeling ready and excited to tackle your new adventure.

You’ll be provided with a photography business checklist. We won’t have time to go into detail about everything, so if you and your peers would rather talk about marketing over pricing, or contracts over outsourcing, we can do that. This course is designed to flow with the topics you feel are most important. I want to provide you with great information and then answer your most urgent questions.

We will be going over:

  • Choosing a Niche
  • Researching Photographers in Your Niche
  • Importance of a Business & Marketing Plan
  • Tools to Help Your Workflow
  • Pricing for Sustainability
  • Networking, Advertising & Marketing
  • Photo Education Resources to help you continue to improve your craft
  • Feel free to arrive at 6pm to network prior to the class starting at 6.30pm

About your Instructor:

Katie Warnke has been shooting for over 20 years, first working at newspapers as a staff photographer covering everything from features to sports to spot news. She founded her own photography business, GreenEarth Photography, in 2005 in Fort Myers, Florida, and restarted it upon moving to Denver in 2009. Katie specializes in business headshots and branding portraits for professionals. In February 2018, she co-founded Brand Up Images, specializing in personal branding photography for businesses. She has her Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism from Ohio University. Katie shoots with a Canon 5D MKIII and most often with her Canon 70-200mm f/2.8.

Registration, Dates, Times & Locations

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

6.00pm - 8.30pm

Mike's Camera, Denver

759 S. Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80246

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