Rambler Ranch 2-part Car Collection Workshop

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Join us for a unique photography opportunity at the Rambler Ranch in Elizabeth CO. This collection consists of over 300 vehicles from Nash, Rambler, AMC, and more. It also includes a vintage Sinclair filling station, a 1960’s home replica, a vintage diner, and a scrap yard full of over 500 cars. Rambler Ranch is a private collection and not typically open to the public.

The day will start by photographing in the bone (scrap) yard, where the cars are weathered, old, rusty, and have a lot of character allowing for many creative images. We will spend the rest of the day rotating between the different buildings that contain automobiles, 1960’s replica home, vintage diner, wardrobe trailer, Kelvinator appliances.

Weather permitting we will have the opportunity to photograph a few of Terry’s private collection which includes a McLaren.

The macro photography opportunities are endless. Hood ornaments, grills, logos, appliances, and collectibles are just a few items that can be photographed up close. Bring your tripod to capture the neon reflection on a hood ornament or a fender in low light.

Gallery and Critique Wrap up the workshop with a fun and rewarding critique and gallery at Mike’s Camera in Park Meadows. In the gallery portion we will review your favorite image from the shoot and share techniques that really worked. You’ll be astonished by the immense variety of images that will have been captured and spend some time giving and receiving positive and informative feedback. Your image will be printed as a 12x18 and matted for you to take home. In the critique section we will review two of your images for additional feedback

What You’ll Learn

While this event is a Meet-up opportunity for photographers our Mike’s Camera staff will be on hand to help you perfect your photography. These are some of the areas that they will provide guidance on:

· Learn about lens choices for cars

· Macro and close up photography techniques

· Capturing fine detail

· Using outdoor light to your advantage

· Looking at cars from different angles to get a more creative shot


$99, Plus Eventbrite processing fee You are welcome to pay in store to avoid the Eventbrite fee.

What to Bring

Camera(s) with an extra memory and extra battery

Variety of lenses – wide angle and macro

Tripod – shutter release (not required but helpful with Macro Photography)

Flash, diffuser, reflector (Optional)

Polarizing Filter

Focus Rail – for those up close shots

Bring your lunch and Water (or visit the town of Elizabeth a few miles away for lunch)

Registration, Dates, Times & Locations

Doors open at 8:00am for orientation, and photography begins at 8:30. Bring your own lunch, or it’s a short trip into Elizabeth for a sandwich. Rambler Ranch has a great picnic area with tables right outside the gas station. The event ends at 2:00pm.

Workshop: Saturday October 19th, 8am to 2pm

Rambler Ranch

Gallery and Critique: Thursday October 24th, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Mike's Camera, Park Meadows

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