Lighting and composition

Join us Feb 11th for a hands on shooting experience with Olympus technical representative Mishalla Amendolara.

This live in-store shooting workshop will focus on flash photography with light painting.

Olympus will provide a brief lesson on using the Live Composite feature on their cameras and then move to a live hands-on model shoot. Olympus will provide cameras for your usage, so please remember to pack a memory card. This workshop is designed to allow you to experiment with different and creative lighting techniques and elevate your photography knowledge with us!

Things to know:

Live Composite is a live long exposure mode that is exclusively found on Olympus cameras. This feature allows you to take a base exposure photo, and then it continues to shoot consecutive shots until you disable it. It will only add new brighter light values to the image composite, never overexposing the original light and allowing you to light paint for hours! (Also very handy for in camera star trails with zero editing!).

Olympus will provide cameras, however current Olympus shooters are welcome to bring their own camera to learn this feature along with us.
You can also try with our help to do this with your current camera, it will just take a bit more experimenting!

Bring a memory card so you can take your results home!