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Learn the fundamentals of photography in this week-long hands-on photography workshop. Students will learn to utilize the tools and technologies packed into today’s cameras as well as develop their creativity to allow them to capture stunning photographs in this one week intensive program.  

Instruction includes photographic principles including ISO, aperture, shutter speed and camera functionality, composition, natural and artificial light portraiture,landscape, and commercial/ product photography.

Students will have the opportunity for a portfolio critique, and final project photo exhibition.


All camera gear and accessories will be provided for this week-long workshop

All prints for assignments

Final presentation:Three 12x18 print/ 18x24- matted prints for display in the gallery exhibition

Day 1- The Basic Building Blocks

Begin by learning the basic building blocks of photography including ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. From this class, you’ll be able to explore changing the cameras sensor speed(ISO) for varying lighting situations and how each variable impacts the outcome capture. In addition, students will learn about using Shutter Speed to freeze or blur action as well as when to use Aperture to adjust for depth of field.

Day 2- Composition and Color Theory

Composing an aesthetically pleasing scene around your subject requires an assessment of the subject and its surroundings and therefore understanding the direction of light and shadows as well as viewpoint and perspective are explored. Other concepts will include composition as well as color theory and how color affects the mood of an image. Some of these concepts include but are not limited to simplicity, lines, framing and rule of thirds.

Day 3- Landscape/Architectural(Urban Landscape)

This class will build on the rules of composition associated with landscape photography, discussing focal point, lines, and point of view will be further investigated. Moreover, lenses will be discussed and in particular, wide angle lenses will be emphasized, as will depth of field and the relationship between the type of lenses used and the depth of field desired. Since location and time of day is a crucial element in landscape photography, this class will also cover the golden hour and blue light. Finally, UV, Polarizing and Neutral Density Filters will be discussed.

Day 4- Commercial / Studio

We will begin this class by introducing the concept of additive light. Light ratios, metering both (reflected and Incident metering) will be introduced as will the inverse square rule. Demonstration of equipment associated with studio lighting will be a fun and creative departure from natural lighting outdoors with modifiers including umbrellas and soft boxes, and exploring the properties of each, including snoots, honeycombs and reflectors will also be discussed.

Day 5- Portraiture

The fundamentals of portrait photograph will be covered and will include; portrait lenses, basic posing techniques for men and women as well as basic lighting methods. Students will learn the difference between the main lights; fill light, rim light, hair light and background light. In addition, a few basic lighting styles like butterfly, Rembrandt and split lighting will be explored.


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9:00AM– 3:30PM

Mike’s Camera, Boulder

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