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Monochrome Magic: Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography; from the earliest days of monochromatic film process, to the most advanced digital sensor technology, black and white images have captured the hearts and minds of artists, photographers, and cinematographers alike. The format’s connection to history as well as artistic expression have sustained the use of the process for generations. Legends like Henri Cartier-Bresson introduced us to the beauty of black and white, and Ansel Adams inspired us with the impact of his stunning black and white landscapes.

In this online class, be inspired to pursue your black and white photographic dreams. You will journey through a short history of the monochromatic process, learning from the masters of the craft and seeing their work first hand. Then, take a journey of discovery through the process of creating beautiful black and white images.

Topics Include:

  • Black and White History
  • Contrast
  • Color Values in Black & White
  • Black and White Composition
  • Setting up your Camera for Black & White

By the end of this exciting class, you should leave feeling equipped to use all these key skills to create stellar monochromatic images, and inspired to follow your photographic journey to witness the magic of black and white photography.

About your instructor

Winn Robbins is a professional editorial and portrait photographer based in Colorado. He has been shooting for 10 years, beginning in weddings and family portraits, and transitioning to editorial styled work after several years. In his spare time, he travels around Colorado looking for new wild animals to photograph. During the winter, you can often find him haunting the shores of Colorado’s many lakes and reservoirs in search of Bald Eagles. He is a passionate educator, who strives to bring each student to greater knowledge of their craft as well as increase their artistic sensitivity. You can find him most days behind the camera counter at the Boulder store.

Thursday, August 6, 2020 - Live Online

6:30pm - 8:30pm (Mountain Time)

5:30pm - 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

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