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Turning Back the Clock: Long Exposure Photography

Most photographs are shot with fractions of a second. A blink of an eye passes as each photo is taken. However, when long amounts of time are allowed to pass in between the opening and closing of a camera’s shutter, unique photographic opportunities are unveiled. Compressing time in a photograph is often a way of creating images that are more unique to the eye, simply because it highlights the difference our eyes may see that same scene.

So how does one utilize long exposure for an appealing image? In this online class from Mike’s Camera, embark on a journey of time travel and discover the myriad ways that time can impact your images. Photo opportunities such as night sky photography, where light sensitivity is paramount. Landscape, where compressing time can allow for dramatic results that bend the viewers perspective. Sports and concerts, where motion can create a sense of dynamic and energy. Last but not least, Light Painting, where length of exposure allows for incredible bursts of color to be added to the original image. All this and more await you in this new online class.

Topics Include:

  • Proper Camera Technique for Long Exposure
  • Shutter Drag
  • Neutral Density Filter Technique
  • Daytime Long Exposures
  • Light Painting
  • Camera Toss Photography
  • Motion Blur for Action Photography

About your instructor

Winn Robbins is a professional editorial and portrait photographer based in Colorado. He has been shooting for 10 years, beginning in weddings and family portraits, and transitioning to editorial styled work after several years. In his spare time, he travels around Colorado looking for new wild animals to photograph. During the winter, you can often find him haunting the shores of Colorado’s many lakes and reservoirs in search of Bald Eagles. He is a passionate educator, who strives to bring each student to greater knowledge of their craft as well as increase their artistic sensitivity. You can find him most days behind the camera counter at the Boulder store.

Live Online Event

Thursday, September 17, 2020: 6:30pm - 8:30pm Mountain Time

(5:30pm - 7:30pm Pacific Time)


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