Lighting and composition

In this introduction to portraiture and portrait lighting, you will learn the foundations of capturing great portraits using an auxiliary flash to soften and control your light for more pleasing effects.


First we will have a lecture covering the essentials of using flash to get great people shots and then we will travel to a nearby park to put what we've learned into practice with a live model.

We will begin with a fundamentals lecture on posing, why lighting matters, understanding ambient exposure, controlling both the brightness and color of your light sources, and how to place your lights. Great lighting and portraiture can be done with a little technique and a single light, and by the time we finish you will know how.

What You’ll Learn

  • Posing essentials
  • Explanation of ambient exposure
  • Controlling the brightness and color of your light sources
  • Light placement of off camera flash
  • Accessories to control your quality of light

This class consists of two parts, which are taught back to back


A short lecture on building a manual exposure to control background and how to use a strobe unit


The class will travel to a nearby park where we will create images of a model, using the skills we learned in the classroom.


$99.00, plus Eventbrite online processing fee

You are welcome to pay in store to avoid the Eventbrite fee.

What to Bring

  • DSLR Camera with Hot-shoe mount
  • Mid-Range Camera lens - For example but not limited to: 16-80 / 24-70 / 50mm Prime
  • Fully Charged Battery
  • Plenty of Memory

Registration, Dates, Times & Locations

Mike's Camera, Park Meadows

Saturday August 24, 2019

4:00pm to 8:00pm


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