Lighting and composition


Join this new, exciting class and learn to capture photos of all your favorite landscapes. Sunsets, mountain ranges, meadows and plains, forests and flowers are all subjects that can be challenging to capture in the best way. In Landscape 101, you’ll learn how to create the most dramatic compositions for your landscapes, learn to take control of difficult lighting scenarios, and balance your exposure for the most aesthetically pleasing photographs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Composition as it pertains to landscape photography.
  • Using wide angle and telephoto lenses for landscape photography.
  • Exposure and bracketing.
  • Long exposure and filter techniques.
  • Working with unpredictable light.


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About your Instructor

Winn Robbins is an editorial portrait photographer based in Boulder, CO. With ten years of experience in wedding, photojournalism, and portrait photography, he  offers unique insights on the ins and outs of the photographic industry. He also specializes in monochromatic and art photography, bringing an artistic technique to many of his classes and challenging attendees to think outside the box as they create images of their own. For more information on Winn and to see his work and follow his blog, visit