2 Part - Business & Professional Headshots workshop

Want to capture better headshots for Business, professional and personal use? Join us for this new 2 part workshop that will give you more tools to capture better results.


The quality of your business headshot can often determine your first impression and whether that first impression leads to your end results. In this class we will spend two hours discussing lighting positions, modifiers, and lighting styles. Then we will gather in a Lone Tree location with a studio setup and model to experiment with what we have learned and hone our craft of producing high quality headshots. In this interactive space you will see just how little room you can really work with to create professional headshots for yourself and your clients.

In this introductory class we will learn:

  • Clamshell, triangle, main light, fill, rim light, and hair lights
  • Softboxes, umbrella, strip banks, snoots, grids
  • Distance, height, and the inverse square law
  • Producing the effect you want to create

We hope to see you there!

This class will feature an hour-long presentation followed by 30-60 minutes of Q&A plus the follow up in person photography experience.

Tuition: $99 (plus Eventbrite processing fee)

This class will be recorded and available to attendees for up to 7 days

Due to the hands of nature of this workshop it is limited to 12 attendees

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Student Testimonials:

"Joe is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot! I'm excited to start using my flash!"

"Joe did an outstanding job. Even though this was "Flash 101" it is still a complicated topic. Joe explained things clearly. Very helpful."

"Thank you! I bought a Godox V1 at Mike's when I bought my Canon 5d Mark IV body a few months ago. When I got home I was overwhelmed by it & how to use it. Joe explained it very well. I feel confident taking out AND using my flash now. I highly recommend this class & look forward to taking others through Mike's Camera."

"Loved the class - very informative. Thank you!"

About Your Instructor:

Joe Klocek has worked in the photographic industry as a photographer, salesman, and instructor since 2005. Today he teaches courses on a variety of topics, including macro, wildlife, exposure theory, videography, and studio lighting. In the past few years he has been a guest speaker for photographic societies and travel expositions. He lives in Denver with his wife, son, and unmanageable book collection.

Part 1: Live Online Lecture Tuesday, September 26, 2023

6:30pm - 8:30pm Mountain Time

Part 2: In-Person photography experience Sunday, October 1 , 2023

Mike's Camera Lone Tree - 9197 E. Westview Road.

4:45pm - 7:00pm Mountain Time

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