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Learn the ins and outs of your Film SLR camera. Film loading and film care tips as well as getting a thorough understanding of which films to use for the right settings to get the results you want. Set yourself up for success by registering for this informative & inspiring fun film class. Retro? maybe. Creative? Definitely.

In Film Photography 101 we will cover the basics of operating your film camera. From loading film, all the way to unloading your exposed roll of film, and everything in between. We will also cover basics of photography in general - ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed,Exposure, Composition, Etc. When the students go home from class they will have full understanding of their camera and all of its buttons/knobs, and what type of film to use in specific situations.

What You’ll Learn

  • Operating the camera
  • ISO/Light Sensitivity
  • Aperture/Depth of Field
  • Shutter Speed/Motion
  • Film Stocks
  • Using sources of light
  • Composition

Set yourself up for success; sign up for this informative & inspiring class today!

What to bring: Bring their 35mm SLR Film Camera. While the class is directed towards the SLR photographer if you are using a Film point and Shoot camera you will find some benefit.

Bonus: One free roll of 35mm Fuji Film is included and single print developing is included with your class fee.

Class Style: Students will be participating in a lecture,but will also have several hands on interactive lessons throughout

About your Park Meadows Instructor: Reed is a Professional Photographer based out of Denver, CO. Locally praised for his nostalgic and cinematic images blending of portraiture, fashion, lifestyle, street, etc., his love for film and the history of photography portrays a huge role in his style; a true film guru and a digital explorer. You can see Reed’s perception of beauty and art as it is highlighted in every single photograph taken. Check out his instagram to see some photos @garrettreedfilm


$59.00, plus Eventbrite online processing fee

You are welcome to pay in store to avoid the Eventbrite fee.

Tuition includes classroom instruction, plus a $10 coupon you can use towards anything in-store at any Mike's Camera location!

Register for FREE using your Free Class Promo Code printed on your Perfect Picture Pak

Registration, Dates, Times & Locations

Mike's Camera, Park Meadows

Saturday April 13, 2019

10:30AM to 12:30PM

Register for Park Meadows

Mike's Camera, Sacramento

Saturday September 28, 2019

10:30AM to 12:30PM

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