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Night Photography Downtown Denver-
3-Part Workshop



This fun workshop includes an instructional hands-on walking tour of downtown Denver, an informative and inspirational pre-lecture and final gallery showing & critique.


What You’ll Learn

  • Putting to practice exposure theory in real-world situations
  • How to recognize your camera’s light metering failure point, and how to overcome it
  • Focusing at night and controlling motion blur

Dates, Times, Locations

Classes not scheduled for this quarter. Please check back for future scheduled dates.


Evening Lecture:

Mike's Camera Park Meadows


Downtown Denver Night Shoot:

Downtown Denver (Meet at Denver City & County Building)


Critique & Gallery Showing:

Classes not scheduled for this quarter. Please check back for future scheduled dates.



$99.00 plus Eventbrite online processing fee


Tuition includes evening lecture, hands-on photo walk, follow up critique / gallery showing, and a beautifully matted 12 x 18 inch print that is yours to keep.


Save 10% when you register more than 2 weeks in advance!



More Info

Evening Lecture:

Meet at the Park Meadows store for a talk about exposure theory. Too few photographers ever learn how to combine thinking about aperture and shutter into one coherent thought process. But to shoot effectively at night, you need to do just that. We will break down what seems to be an impossible task: create an exposure without a working meter and without using any of the modern crutches we have come to rely on.


Photo Walk:

Out shoot begins at the City and County Building in downtown Denver. From there we will walk around the 16th Street Mall at a leisurely pace. This will allow us to shoot traffic trails, architecture, street art, all the while building our understanding of proper exposure technique.


Critique & Gallery Showing:

Meet back up at Mike’s Camera in Park Meadows up the workshop with a fun and rewarding critique of your photographs. The group will review images from the Saturday shoot and share techniques that really worked, and those that were not as useful. You’ll be astonished by the immense variety of images that will have been captured and spend some time giving and receiving positive and informative feedback.


You’ll see your favorite image enlarged to 12 x 18 inches in our mini in-store gallery too!






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