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Full Moon Graveyard Photography Class & Shoot



Learn how to photograph the full moon in the darkness of the old Fairmount Cemetery at night- then go shoot with our experts!


This event starts with a photography lecture in the 125 year old Ivy Chapel on the Fairmount grounds. Presented by our experts, the talk explains in easy-to-understand terms how to photograph the moon and how to capture great night and low light images in general.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to set your camera to expose for the moon
  • Illuminating subjects using the light of the moon as your main light source
  • What types of cameras and lenses are best suited for moon and night / low light photography
  • Ideas for how to compose visually compelling moon shots


Fairmount is nationally known, and the home of Denver's early movers and shakers, as well as more current notable people.




After the class, as the sun wanes and the full moon appears you’ll have access to over 200 acres on the Fairmount grounds to make your photos!







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