Craig’s first experience with photography began in high school in journalism class as a yearbook photographer and also for the local newspaper in his hometown, Holland, Michigan. It was at this time he began his extensive journey and education in manual cameras, black and white film and printing in the darkroom. During this time he built a strong foundation and learned the true “art of photography”.

In the 90’s – completely self-taught – Craig worked at refining his photographic techniques using his trusty Nikon SLR and transparency film before finally moving over to the “digital world” in 2012.

Now, Craig enjoys all the creative doors digital photography has opened and all it’s post-processing challenges – similar to that of his early years in the darkroom but now using computers and software.

Craig is a seasoned professional photographer and instructor who is passionate about all things photographable.

His photography is a collaboration of astrophotography, cityscapes, abstracts and landscapes. He has traveled the globe and has taught, led and organized numerous astrophotography workshops throughout the US.