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Canvas Prints

Standard Service 3 Days, or by quote more extensive projects

Canvas Prints

Canvas Gallery Wrap prints made from your digital or images from older film or print scans are a great way to display favorite photos. They are a simple, ready-to-hang solution to enhancing your home or office. Available in virtually any size, canvas gallery wraps fit just about anywhere!


Proofing Service

We advise using our Proofing Service when color matching is critical in matching prints or other output to artwork, color swatches or other originals. Our proofing service provides for up to three 8x10 inch proof prints on the material your final print is to be printed. Upon inspection and signed client approval we then proceed to making the final print to your specified size and finish.


In order to ensure that we achieve optimum results in all our printing and output materials whether on paper, canvas or other substrates, we use the latest Color Management tools available to calibrate our monitors, printers and other output devices we utilize in our imaging labs. The use of color management is a good business practice for photographic labs to comply with and serves as a comprehensive tool for implementing and maintaining ICC (International Color Consortium) profile specification. ICC profiles are widely used for maintaining color fidelity across multi-media imaging devices and software.



Image Enhancements

Want your image to really stand out? Try one of our Photo Treatments or let us Retouch and Enhance your photo to perfection!




Standard Back Finishing, open back with wire hanger and bumpers included.

Premium Back Finishing, dust cover with Beehive hangers and bumpers, add $12.50



For pricing on odd sizes or sizes not listed, please contact our Imaging Department at 303-443-1715 ext.124 or email.


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Corporate Office | 2500 Pearl Street | Boulder, CO 80302 | Phone: (303) 443-1715 | service@mikescamera.com